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L.J. HOOKER® THE MARKET Australia's love affair with real estate reached an all time peak in the mid 1990s and continues into the year 2002. Home ownership is increasingly affordable, largely spun·ed on by the entry into the marketplace of non bank mortgage lenders, lower interest rates, and Government incentives to first home buyers. Non bank lenders have provided fierce competition for banks in the home loan business, offering competitive interest rates, greater flexibility and fewer charges and penalties to consumers. The lower interest rates and competitive mortgage packages, coupled with taxation laws, significant changes to superannuation laws and first home owner grants have seen a significant increase in market activity. These market forces all contribute to Australians having one of the highest levels of home ownership in the world. ACHIEVEMENTS L.J. Hooker is one of Australia's earliest and longest rwming franchised businesses in all market sectors. The original real estate business was established in 1928. Today L.J. Hooker is the largest '-----==-• franchised real estate network in Australasia and the fifth largest in the world. It boasts a network of over 500 franchises throughout Australia and has franchised offices in Papua New Guinea, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, United Arab Emirates and New Zealand. The L.J. Hooker franchising system has twice won the Franchisors' Association of Australia and New Zealand "Franchising Excellence Award" including the ultimate accolade when L.J. Hooker was named "Franchisor of the Year" across all sectors. For the last 13 years L.J. Hooker has commissioned the independent research company Newspoll to conduct a national brand awareness and attitude study to determine L.J. Hooker's strength in the marketplace. Every year the Newspoll study has revealed L.J. Hooker continues to be the real estate name best known and most chosen across Australia. The latestNewspoll study revealed the L.J. Hooker name has well over twice the recall of any other national real estate brand and twice as many people nominate using L.J. Hooker for buying or selling property ahead of any other national real estate agent. HISTORY Leslie Joseph Hooker opened the first office ofL.J. Hooker in Maroubra., Sydney on September 20, 1928. Threatened with collapse of the business during the Great Depression, Leslie Hooker set about maximising his marketing dollar. He was always a great believer in signs and with money at a minimum during these years, he set about developing a promotional system. The famous red and yellow colours, which remain today, were originally developed by Leslie Hooker to maximise the impact ofhis signboards and save on advertising costs. The first city office ofL.J. Hooker was opened at 12 O'Connell Street, Sydney in 1935. By 1936 the business had expanded into Kensington, Kingsford and Randwick. In 1938 L.J. Hooker purchased H.L. Cross and Co. and relocated to the basement of E.S. and A. Bank Building on the comer of Mat1in Place and Pitt Street, Sydney. L.J. Hooker continued to prosper. In this period the team were "breaking into Sydney" and worked through the night on many occasions. So much so, that their office became known as the "lighthouse" in Pitt Street. During the Second World War, L.J. Hooker was run by a skeleton team with many employees joining the aimed forces. By the late 1940s, approximately ten years after the opening of the Company's first auction rooms, L.J. Hooker had begun to challenge the established auctioneers of the city. L.J. Hooker Limited was successfully floated on the Stock Exchange on July 1, 1947, paying dividends of up to 25%. By 1956 the dividend had risen to 50%. In 1958 Leslie Hooker established L.J. Hooker Investment Corporation Limited as a vehicle for expanding the horizons of the Company. In the years that followed, L.J. Hooker Investment Corporation diversified into other areas including the hotel and leisure industry, land and building trusts, pastoral holdings and housing and land subdivision. L.J. Hooker Limited opened offices progressively across the country, completing its national network with the opening 46

1964 the Company's first franchised offices in Bankstown, Newpot1 were opened. In the same year, the name of the parent Company was changed to Hooker Corporation Limited. Leslie Hooker was knighted in 1973 for his services to business and cmmnerce. In 1989, the real estate agency business of the Hooker Corporation was sold to the Queensland financial institution, SUNCORP (now known as Suncorp Metway Limited). THE PRODUCT L.J. Hooker operates a network of over 600 offices. L.J. Hooker franchises are locally owned and operated by licensed real estate agents who have extensive local market knowledge and have the added advantage of the resomces, suppm1 and experience of the Franchisor. L.J. Hooker has a variety of products which span the real estate spectrwn. Products for residential, commercial and rmal buyers and sellers, landlords and tenants, development and project marketing, have been designed to reflect L.J. Hooker's 'Customer for life' philosophy. The L.J. Hooker After Sales Service program maintains contact with the buyers and sellers of propetty after the transaction is complete. At vatious stages throughout the coming years, the local L.J. Hooker office and L.J. Hooker as Franchisor, continue to 'stay in touch' with the client. As pa11 of the program, clients are also provided with a national toll free telephone nwnber to call if they require any fut1her assistance or advice with real estate matters. L.J. Hooker's customer reward program is unique to the L.J. Hooker network and provides a competitive edge in the marketplace, in terms of obtaining listings. Home owners who list and sell their home exclusively through L.J. Hooker are eligible to earn Reward Points on either Telstra Visa Card or Qantas Telstra Visa card. L.J. Hooker revolutionised the tenant/landlord relationship with the launch of the L.J. Hooker AI Tenant Card. L.J. Hooker, through the AI Tenant Card, is the first national real estate network to officially recognise valuable tenants who have met the standard L.J. Hooker criteria. In addition, if the tenant moves to another area or state they can show their Al Tenant Card to any L.J. Hooker agent, who will give them priority treatment, whether they want to rent, buy or sell. The L.J. Hooker Primity Card is another initiative for all their tenants whereby rent and other utilities can be paid electronically, or by direct debit, saving time and money for the tenant. RECENT DEVELOPMENTS With marketplace competition becoming increasingly fierce, L.J. Hooker has extended its brand of real estate servtces to now ... _____ .. _ ..___""' ___ ...._ ~~-~"_ .....-..... , .... .... _ .... --. ...... --...... ....

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