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THE MARKET The ABC is Australia's largest radio and television network, and Australia's only noncommercial national broadcaster. With global media markets dominated by commercialism and multi-national ownership, the role of the public broadcaster as an independent voice is vital. The ABC exemplifies this, and for this and many other reasons, is greatly valued by all Australians. During the past seventy years the ABC has been an integral part of Australian life. Every day, millions of Australians access the ABC in both the urban centres and the far reaches of the continent, the ABC being the only broadcaster to cover 98 per cent ofthe countiy. The ABC's original charter purpose as stated by Prime Minister, Joseph Lyons, in 1932, was "to provide infonnation and ente1taimnent, cultme and gaiety", and to "serve all sections and to satisfY the diverse tastes of the public". This guiding principle has been sustained and built upon since those beginnings, and the growing diversity of Australian cultural life has been mirrored in changes at the ABC. The principles of tmcompromising news and cmrent affairs coverage and the promotion of educational and conmmnitybased services for all Australians have also flourished during this period. The ABC is a reflection of the ever changing yet distinctive Australian character. ACHIEVEMENTS Through ABC Television, Australians enjoy internationally acclaimed, award winning local and overseas television productions. The ABC Radio network spans the depth and breadth of the country, offering a diverse population everything from regular, local weather reports for fanners, to discovery and promotion of bands for Australian youth. ABC Online continues a period of remarkable growth, with access numbers having doubled during the last year alone. In each platfmm the ABC has been responsible for explming the depths of Australian creativity, producing work that subsequently adds something new to the the mix of programming for all television networks. Many ABC programs and personalities have become Australian cultmal icons. Each ABC platform draws upon the largest staff of international correspondents of any Australian broadcaster, offering up-todate and comprehensive coverage of global news and current affairs. Australians respect the integrity and quality of ABC coverage and expect the national broadcaster to maintain and consistently raise the standards of journalistic integrity in Australia. Whilst the ABC rates annually amongst the top pe1fonners in local and international industry awards across all media, its real achievement is that it continues to strive to represent and se1ve all Australians. No other broadcaster in Austialia can lay claim to the richness and diversity of the services offered by the ABC. HISTORY On July 1, 1932, Australians in every state of the federation heard the 8 o'clock chimes from Sydney's General Post Office on the wireless. "This is the Australian Broadcasting Commission," announced Conrad Charlton, the first ABC presenter. By 1939 on-air content had expanded to incorporate news, drama, music, sport and rural programming, and the ABC had also established a symphony orchesti·a in each State for live and broadcast performances. On November 19, 1956,ABC Television broadcast for the first time from its Melbourne studios. By June 1960 the service was national. Throughout the '70s and '80s the various national and regional radio networks established their presence in the Australian market. The first ABC Shop opened in 1974. ABC Online began in 1995, and today is the chosen gateway for many Australians, enabling them to access the rich, diverse content produced by the ABC. Other New Media initiatives include the 2001 launch of the first of the ABC's 12

ABC Enterprises creates, licenses, markets and retails quality consumer products which reflect and extend the scope of ABC programs and se1vices. ABC Enterprises operates 37 ABC Shops and 85 ABC Centres the net revenue from which goes directly into fmther ABC progranuning initiatives. digital multichmmels ABC Kids and FLY, with programming specifically devoted to children and young people, and four broadband channels - ABC News, ABC Kids, Rage and FLY. From its first radio broadcast, the ABC has expanded and kept abreast of advances in communications enabling it to become a vast network of J modem media platfmms. Guided '-....-/-- by its Charter, the ABC r"- X continues to evolve always t:riple j seekmg the best means by which it can serve all Australians. THE PRODUCT Through production, programming, acquisitions and abc. net. au promotions, ABC Television has a chmter to deliver the best quality television to the Australian public. Groundbreaking programming has been the hallmark of ABC Television, and programs such as Countdown, Four Corners and Playschool have become landmarks in Australia's cultural history. The five national radio mastheads include T1iple J, Radio National, ABC NewsRadio, Radio Australia and ABC Classic FM. Each produces quality RECENT DEVELOPMENTS The ABC in 2001 has been able to focus on new opportunities within the digital broadcasting environment, launching fom broadband channels and two television multichmmels - ABC Kids and FLY Digital broadcasting will blur the boundaries between the different media, and the new delivery systems enable the ABC to be received in many different ways, to more people in more places, with more variety, than seemed possible just a few yem·s ago. Future media will provide easy access to progranm1ing content from all across the globe. In this context, the relevance of the local national broadcaster, supporting and nourishing Australian identity, wi II become even more critical. For almost 70 years, the ABC in its many fmms has provided a unique fomm for Australia's culture to be explored, developed and promoted. The diverse ages, tastes, beliefs, ethnicity and interests of Australia have informed and enriched ABC progratmning, enabling it to reflect this unique diversity. PROMOTION Over the last 12 months, promotional work has moved away from image based executions to an emphasis on programming. Specific product advettising has clearly demonstrated that as the national broadcaster, the ABC is for all Australians. New audiences have been addressed with new style programs in order to reach out to those who may not have felt it was "their ABC". Breadth and relevance have been reasserted through promotions for local ABC Radio, 'Changi' the biggest ABC Television event of the year, 'Long Way to the Top' the seminal Australian music documentmy and a number of other cmnpaigns. In each case advettising has been focused on the program and its potential audience, extending from a promotional philosophy that 'the proof is in the pudding'. BRAND VALUES specialist radio with nationwide coverage, and many The vision for the ABC is to be both valued and are now also available live, 24 .......,..---,------=~ integral to Australia's culture, and its mission is to engage its audiences with an independent, distinctive and appealing mix of progrmmning and content, delivered via multi-platform services, as guided by the ABC Charter. hours a day, via the Internet. Local ABC Radio is a network of nine metropolitan stations and regional stations in 49 locations across Australia, providing news, cunent affairs, infonnation, spmt, ente1tainment, rural and special events coverage. ABC Online is a major content creator and innovator, and extends and enhances the progranm1ing of ABC Radio and Television as well. It provides a distinctively Austral ian perspective on local, national and international activities to Internet users across the country and the globe. The ABC, as a national public broadcaster delivering valued outcomes to the Australian community, is guided by these values: Editorial Excellence - aspiring to the highest standards of accuracy, impmtiality and independence, in reflecting a balanced and broad range of views and interests through adherence to editorial policies and guidelines IJmovation and Creativity - striving for excellence in the development and presentation of distinctive infmmation and cultmal progrmm11ing content Universal Access - ensuring that all Australians can access services that provide the knowledge required in a modern information-based society Om People- providing oppmtunities for the ABC's people to grow, personally and professionally, dming their time with the Corpmation Good Governance - demonstrating accountability for the efficient and effective use of public resomces Shared Commitment - accepting the shm·ed obligation to act responsibly and with a conmutment to fairness and justice Courage - encouraging the leadership and vision to adapt to change with flexibility, integrity and decisiveness. THINGS YOU DIDN'T KNOW ABOUT THE ABC 0 The ABC is Australia's lm·gest radio and television network. 0 The ABC covers 98 per cent of the Australian continent. 0 Playschool is Australia's longest mm1ing television program - it's 36 this year. More than 80 per cent of children up to 4 years watch the progrmn at least once each month. 0 The ABC has the largest staff of international correspondents of any Australim1 broadcaster. 0 ABC Online is regarded as the most popular media website in the country, and regularly appears in the NetRatings Top 20. 0 ABC Enterprises operates 37 ABC Shops and 85 ABC Centi·es. The net revenue fi·om these goes directly into ABC progra11m1ing iiutiatives. 13

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