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OCKS B 0 0 K S E L L E R

OCKS B 0 0 K S E L L E R S More for Booklovers. THE MARKET firmly establishes Dymocks' dominance in the city. More than 126 million books were sold in Australia A Brisbane flagship store will open in 2002. These last year for .2 billion. Of these sales, 2 stores are part of an overall brand strategy to million were through booksellers. consolidate Dymocks' market presence. They will With 82 stores in Australia, the Dymocks group complement existing flagship stores in Sydney, represents some 15% of the book retail market. Perth and Adelaide. The internet is a relatively recent sales channel A merchandising and marketing strategy in the Australian market. The Dymocks website, launched two years ago has seen a marked increase launched in 1997, is important in representing the in focus for Dymocks. The strategy, founded on merchandise and marketing strategies of the stores. proven retail principles, will continue to suppmt It allows Australians to buy from .,.,.....-- ----.--,-­ Australia's largest locally owned bookseller. ACHIEVEMENTS The Dymocks store which opened in Hobmt, Tasmania in 2000 made Dymocks truly national with Dymocks in every state and territory. Dymocks Booksellers currently have 82 stores across Australia. The past five years has seen Dymocks expand internationally to a total of six book stores inN ew Zealand and eight in Hong Kong I South East Asia. Overall, there are 96 Dymocks stores. This has been a significant achievement for Dymocks, with plans to keep expanding both within Australia and overseas. In September 2001 , Dymocks opened a flagship store in Melbourne's CBD, at 234 Collins Street. The store measures over 1700 square metres and •( Dymocks' position well into the 21 " century. In the last 5 years, Dymocks has developed alliances with credible and well-respected businesses. These include SBS, with an SBS display in every Dymocks store; The Australian Stock Exchange; Fox tel's fx; and ABC Centres. HISTORY The grand Dymocks George Street store, f built in 1930, is Sydney's greatest bookstore. Its origins began in 1879 when / young William Dymock commenced business as a bookseller in nearby Market Street. As his business grew, he moved to larger and grander premises until, in the 1890s, he had a million books in stock. William Dymock died in his thirty-ninth year. Unmarried and childless, he left the business to his sister Marjory, who was married to John Forsyth. From that time onwards, the Forsyth family has managed Dymocks. In 1981, John Forsyth, WilliamDymock's great grand nephew, decided to take over the company, selling his own successful printing and publishing business. After investigating book retailing around the world, he implemented major changes to the old store. Specially designed gondolas and displays were built, colour con·ected lighting was introduced and the most sophisticated computerised customer enquiry service for books in the English speaking world was developed and installed. In 1986, the Dymocks Franchise System was set up, allowing people to have their own piece of this great bookselling tradition. At the same time, was being developed as the most successful Australian bookselling site and consistently one ofthe most visited sites on the Internet. It is a reaffirmation of the Dymocks history of applying modern retailing techniques to a proud century-old tradition. THE PRODUCT As a family owned business and the oldest Australian owned book store, Dymocks prides itself on meeting the book buying needs for all generations of Australians, across all categories. Dymocks carries a large range ofbacklist titles, as well as a vast range of new releases. If the book a customer wants is not available locally, Dymocks can order it from overseas. Superior customer service philosophy, together with a leading range of books and distinctive shop designs make book browsing and buying an effmtless pleasure. In all areas of service, the Dymocks mission statement is "to meet the leisure, lemning and gift needs of all customers by creating the best possible book buying experience". Dymocks plans to lead the way in the 21 " century with the same enthusiasm and progressive retail approach that has ensured its business success to this day. RECENT DEVELOPMENTS In July 2001 , Dymocks Booksellers launched an Australian first - a loyalty program allowing communication with individual customers at point- 38

of-sale. Titled The Booklover Card, the program uses breakthrough technology to instantly reward each customer based on their personal preferences and buying habits. Each card contains a built-in magnetic stripe storing a customer's relevant demographic information and preferences. The other side of the card displays a new message each time the customer makes a purchase. By the end of 2001, Dymocks had given away over 0,000 worth of random awards to loyal customers as well as tiered gift voucher rewards. Dymocks' dominant positioning in the Australian marketplace enabled them to secure the exclusive rights to introduce this technology in Australia. Dymocks has also moved to improve quality and value with a new Competitive Pricing Strategy. This ensures that "every day, in every Dymocks bookstore, you will fmd new release titles at at least 20% off the recommended retail price". Online, Dymocks services customers through and is by far Australia's largest on-line bookseller. According to Hitwise rankings (June 2001 ), Dymocks is ranked fifth in Australia for global Book Shopping sites. The website offers user-friendly search and navigation. PROMOTION Dymocks' national conununications strategy has been the driving force behind the outstanding expansion and popularity of the nationwide Literary Events series. The first Dymocks literary luncheon was held on the 2nd of December 1988, with 120 people in attendance to hear and meet Morris West. The program has grown to include hundreds of local and international authors; alliances with some of Australia's and New Zealand's leading broadsheets; and suburban events. As part of a national literary program, Dymocks currently has exclusive formal relationships in place with The Sydney Morning Herald, The Age, The New Zealand Herald and The West Australian. A less formal but equally valuable relationship also exists with The Courier Mail. Other elements of the National Communications Strategy include developing Dymocks' own National Literacy Foundation, founded by Dymocks Chairman John Forsyth in 2001. As of 2002, the highly respected National Fiction Award, part of the National Festival Awards for Literature, will be the Dymocks National Fiction Award. This prestigious A ward is traditionally announced on the opening day of the Adelaide Festival for the Arts' Writers' Week, which is one of the world's most successful writers' festivals. Dymocks also sponsors The Dymocks Young Adults Award as part of The Western Australian Premier's Awards, in order to support The Library & Information Service of Western Australia. The company supports and sponsors Federal government literacy initiatives such as National Youth Week and National Literacy and Numeracy Week. In 2001, Dymocks sponsored the Australian Publisher's Association's Best Designed Children's Cover. Dymocks also sponsors the Romance Writer's Award, part of the Romance Writer's Convention. Dymocks sponsors Australia's literary community through various well-known and loved writer's festivals including The Sydney Writer's Festival, The Byron Bay Writer's Festival, Northern Territory Writers' BOok lover D ~mocks Mon1hly Rm~ : Neu books, author profiles and Booklo\ er Cnrd pri!C$, He,_:, ., &1•' f n..- , ,·! "~lo:., 11Xh~ ltnt C h·1 "':1 H~" l m in '"'"' l".tt •~• (.,,.·Jhu;mJ k .N-1 Alkn..k. rh,-. ·' J,,,~ r "l t ~'C' ,d dl" '"'nt•-J '"I"' f. >r o!l D!nl)' h• " '"' ' I.•oJ ·• -...,;,..,~ ••. -~J.-,>J.· u,;.......,,.,...,I"""J • . ,__....... . . ~~l .,.. ~~~ .. J . ....... .l>. ·•-..-.t... __. ..........,....... .,.......... .... .................... """'"" _.. ...... ~ .....,.,-... ~ ""' *•"""'-~~ ""' ....... ....;.."".' ....,,t "' ~ .. ~..._k. .. u \.~..-< ...,....,.. . ., ,. ,N "

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