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AVON the company fo r wo

AVON the company fo r wo m en THE MARKET Women have been beautifying themselves since ancient times, and the results from Avon 's latest biennial Global Women's Survey indicate that the trend is only getting stronger. An overwhelming 82 per cent of women consider beauty products a necessity, not a luxury. Not surprising, then, that the world beauty market is worth 0 billion. In Australia, it is almost billion. Avon is one of the largest beauty companies, both in the world and in Australia. There are currently over 3.4 million Avon Representatives selling Avon in countlies around the world, and over 40,000 in Australia. ACHIEVEMENTS Avon is the world's leading direct selling beauty company, with a unique and powerful reputation for quality of service and product. As well as being one of the world's biggest beauty houses, Avon is very much driven by its vision statement: "to be the company that best understands and satisfies the product, service, and self-fulfilment needs of women, globally. Our vision is inherent in our every technological advance, in our community involvement and in our '----~--------------....:....::... continuing efforts to provide a better product and improve our service to Representatives and Customers alike." It is interesting to note that in today's world of e-commerce and the world wide web, so many organisations are talking about an era of unparalleled customer intimacy. Well, Avon has been conducting h­ commerce for over 100 years. ' h' stands for human. Avon has had, all this time, a richness of one-to-one Customer contact that other organisations could never hope to achieve. The Avon earning opportunity has stood the test of time in the world's developed countries and has extreme relevance to the less developed countries. In Australia, selling Avon can provide a great full-time income. It has certainly also proven successful in providing extra money towards such things as a child's education, a family holiday, a kitchen renovation or a second car. It can also bring new levels of social contact, friendship, self-esteem and confidence. Inpoorercountlies in Asia, Cenu·al Europe and Latin America, Avon earnings often put food on the tables, roofs over heads, and generally enables survival. The spirit of independence and grass roots entreprenemial skills that Avon has more recently given to WORLD'S No. 1 FUND RAISER FOR THE BREAST CANCER CAUSE women in countries such as China, Russia and the Ukraine is awe inspiring. In these places Avon is a lot more than just another beauty company coming to town. It changes lives, hopes and dreams along the way. The significant difference A von has made around the world comes into perspective when you consider that there are current! y over 3 .4 mi Ilion A von Representatives globally. More women work with A von than any other company in the world. Avon's vision is also exemplified in our Crusade against Breast Cancer. Avon is the world's No. 1 corporate fund raiser for the Breast Cancer Cause. In Australia, million has been raised since 1996 through the sale of Pink Ribbon products in the A von Brochure. All profits fi·om these sales are now donated to the Australian New Zealand Breast Cancer Trials Group and are used to fund vital clinical u·ials. In more than 30 countlies around the world, Avon's Worldwide Fund for Women's Health has generated over 0 million. In March 2001 , A von committed to increasing that total to 0 million by the end of2002. HISTORY Avon is a company that values its traditions. Since its establishment in 1886, it has remained true to its founder's vision - "to honour the responsibilities of corporate citizenship by contlibuting to the well being of the society in which we serve." Avon was founded by a door-to-door book salesman, David H McConnell. McConnell often gave his clients a small gift of perfume when they purchased a book. This became such a popular aspect of his service that he decided to start a perfume business. In 1886, the company went into production in New York City. Originally known as The California Perfume Company, the business thrived, largely due to the principles McConnell practised from the onset. He saw the importance of quality-- quality of product, relationships and service. Mr. McConnell also instituted the famous A von guarantee of satisfaction-- a most unusual policy in 1886. The first A von Representative was Mrs P. F. E. Albee. At a time before women had the right to 26

vote, Mrs Albee was instrumental in establishing the unique sales method that continues to be A von's hallmark today. Mrs Albee was soon joined by other Representatives who were to become the first of literally thousands of women to represent A von. By 1928 the California Perfume Company had begun to sound too regional for a company which was operating throughout the entire United States. The name changed to its present form - A von - because McConnell felt that the countryside surr-ounding the company's research, development and manufacturing plant in Suffern, New York, bore a strong resemblance to the lands around the A von River in England Avon began operations in Australia in 1963, where it has grown and expanded at a speed unprecedented in the cosmetic world, aided by the most modern processing, picking and warehouse equipment possible. In 1968, the head office moved from Chatswood, in Sydney, to a manufacturing and administration complex at Frenchs Forest. In 1989 the company moved to its present premises in Brookvale. position in the bath, hair care and deodorant markets. Avon enhances its beauty portfolio by selling an extensive range offashionable and classic jewellery and accessories. The Avon Brochure also contains an innovative and fun array of gift items to provide its Customers with the convenient oppmtunity to purchase for Christmas, Mother's Day and birthdays. RECENT DEVELOPMENTS In an exciting new initiative that joins 'health & THE PRODUCT beauty in harmony', Avon has teamed with Roche The Avon name is synonymous the world over for Consmner Health, the world's largest manufacturer quality beauty products, offering excellent value, of vitamins, to develop the Vi tAd vance range of backed by its famous 'love it or your money back' nutritional supplements, launched recently in a new unconditional guarantee of .---------------, catalogue called Avon Well satisfaction. Being. Product development takes In addition to the leading place at the A von Research and edge nutlitional supplements, a Development Laboratories at range of healthy lifestyle Suffern, New York. Here, an products is also available in this international group of specialists

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