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THE MARKET The car rental market was l)()m out ol the need of bus1ness travellers for conventent and flextble ground transportation at the1r destination airports. Whilst the market has c1earty evolved cons,dorat1ly 1nto many ot11er sectors, parttculn1 :y private holiday travel. ai1 port business rentals remnin the cornerstone ot the market. The world market ts worth approximately billion annuolly, across more than 200 million rentals ulilising 3 mtlhon rental vehicles. Whilst there are nearly 15,000 car rental cornpan1es around the world. the top 4 companies account for approx1· rnately half t11e revenue. Consistent market growth 1s predicted for car rentaJ, but tncreastng pr1ce competrtronand the conlinutng need to tnnovate while provtdlng SLipertor levels of customer seN1CC and added value. are plncing prossltre on profit levels ACHIEVEMENTS Avis has seen more Ulan 50 years of successful operation. and now 11as ove1 40:)() locat1ons worldwtde (1400 or them are at au ports) in 135 cotJntries. Avts has more than 400.000 velltcles and 20.000 employees. The key to the AVIS success story has been the "We Try Harder" culture which supports everything the company does. Th1s culture tnsists on a total locus on customer seNice. quality and innovation. In Australia. Avrs tlas won a se11es of ma1or awards tncludtng the prestrgtous Australian Quality Award and 1ho Qantas Award lor Outstandtng Achtevernent rn Customer SeNrce, widely regarded as the prnnacle 1n customer servrce recognition in this country. HISTORY Avrs is tre world's best knOwn car rental company. Avis has had more books nnd articles written about it than almost any ott 1er comP

Mclllree startecl Av1s Australia witl1150 FJ Holdens stationed at 9 Australian airports. He pioneered the Fly/Drive concept nnd the first lnternat1onal Fly/Drive Holiday Schemes He lobb1ed 101 government approval of car rental facilitieS 011 airports. Avis Europe corporate offices were establisMd in the United K1ngdom 1n 1960 and dunng lhe 1960s and 1970s Av1s expanded rap1dly throughout Europe. Africa ancl the M1odte East. Avis IS today market leader 111 the reg1on. As the local market leader today, Av1s Australia has approximately 220 locahons, employs nearly 1 000 staff and opewtes a fleet of 10,000 vehicles. THE PRODUCT Av1s has a long history of aggress1ve. Innovative induslly leadership. New tdeas. techn1ques and services have been implemented by Avis people will1 conttnutng energy and enthus1asm This IS the essent1al ingredient of the "We Try Harder' sp1nt. Tl1e company has stnuctured comprehens1ve training programs for its employees so 111al they comprise a learn of spec1alists whose acrossthe-board efforts are focused on delivering firstclass se1vice to every customer. This means provid1ng a clean, safe, reliable car at the appo1nted place and tune: and check1ng-1n the car promptly when the customer retums Standards of perfom11'lnce are t:>c.lsed on customer expectations ancllloned by tl1e . employees tt1emselves They conststently stnve to mprove then own levels of customer service which they mon1tor continuously to assure the same hrgh degree or service is mainta1necf throughout the Avis System. Avis has remained a leader rn product and service innovation w1th an endless list of developments over its 50 year history. One of these was the frrst central billing charge card system lor corporate accounts in the car rental industry. Av1s Introduced W1zard, the lust and the largest on line, real time rental, reservation and management information system in the 1ndustry. Rapid Return, a mobtle, automated check·ll1 service 111at eliminated tt1e need for the customer to go to the counter to return the vehicle was another Avis first. It was all done at the vehrcle, 111 less than a mrnute. Av1s' Preferred Serv1ce eliminated paperwork and queues lor regular renters Employee ParttCJPatron Groups (EPG) were among tile most 1mportant Innovations. At monthly mect1ngs staff members ldent1fy problems and opportunities 1n thetr work location and develop appropnate programs that will lead to turther 1rnprovement rn customer service RECENT DEVELOPMENTS W1t111n 1t1e very competitrve car rental 1 narkel, Avis recognises that the two areas v..ihere product d,fferenliatton and superiority can be demonstrnted to tt1e consumer are customer service and technologicnl 1nnovatron. In 1994 Av1s launched lhe "Rnv1ng Fans" concept. The ct1allenge lor every Av1s employee 1s to ·create one Ravrng Fan per day", A key component of Av1s success 111 creating Rav1ng Fan customers has been managernenl's be iet that this can only be achieved by first creating Raving Fan employees. To ach1eve this effecllve commul"'fica!ion amongst employees and departments has been ~ pnority anc1 Avis has set uo processes t11rough wt11ch employees can bot11 talk and listen to each otner. From tl"lrs inter na Raving Fan culture hRs evolved a program by wh1ch external (customer) R

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