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THE MARKET The Australian greetrng card marketrs valued at an cst.rnatcd ###COLUMNCONTENT###0 million . consumptron dollars rn annuf!lretnil has grown s;1les 10% Per over capita the ~~~~~~~~~iiii~~~~~i3~~~;;iii past live years. from approx mately 20 to 22 The market rs c1emty in 1ts growth phase ond tms cnnsrderable potential to rncrease when cornpared to sendrng rates ''"' ott~er matu·e Engfish countnos For example. each yoar. 32 cards per persoo are purchaseo rn the USA. and 44 cards per ~:orson nre ourchased 111 !he UK Consumers a so have n 11eal:hy regard for groeLng cnrds. Roc.ent Ha mark research r ustrates tnat nearly 40% of nil consumers beheve they are bi.JYtng more C.:lros tllan two years ago. whrle less than 20% believe they are buyrng tewer. ACHIEVEMENTS Hallmark rs tt1e IJrgest greetrng card company rn the world nnd has maintan'led a leadershrp posrtron through a total cornrnrtrnent to quahty rn people. prOduct and stnte of the art production techniques. In Australia. the Hallmark bmnd dollar shnre tor greeting cards has grown to 32% due to tne strength of the product otte:ing

selectrve rr ternatcntC cu:e, huf!1Crous a:1cj nnovn '!Ve rnnges of Everychy and Seascntrl c.1ros togetrer W1th lend ng edge nnngcry rr wrar:pWiC.J paper LJrlf1 re ated g,ft croducts In macro terms. tr1e rn.'lrkct rs onven by tvvo core consvmer se\.)ments 'tradrllonal ent1 1usiasts', wt1o favour classte or trnd,tionDI CDrtis (1.e "hearts and flowers"), and 'young optmsts' who prefer cnrds tllat reflect tl1eu unrque lifestyle and asprrations. Ur x:ie'Slanding these two consumer orofrles has he 1 pecl Hallmark to pos tr011 prooJct ranges to meet the drverse needs of oo1t1 segments. More mportanlty research rs updated on a regular basrs to ensu·e that emerg:ng trends or Changes rn SOCiety are re·lec~ed u1 tr1e evolu· Cl of the company's prodoct ronges vacuum' rn the Australian greetrng carc1 r narket as gr eetrng card puo rst~ers have devoted sigrrf,cant resources to trao ng terms. Hallmark's marketrng act1111ty aims to fill that consumer mart

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