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Australia Edition 1

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THE MARKET Australians have ce\ebmt !(1 nnd comm1serated over a beer s·nce ll'o cnrly days of the colony 200 years ago, when beerdr.nkrngwas encouraged byofflcials as a less potent atternat1ve 10 rum. Australia's reputatiOn ns a brg ·Drinking country 1S hOwever, Ill fo.tnded: Aust•

Europp n•ld 1t 10 US Foster's rs mso a key player n Asran markets, ~JrOw 1 '9 by 14% n 1996. and thn beer s 11rewoo 111 so~rtllern Clwn lor wttat will so 'rl be :h3woros 1·1rgest tx.'Cr nn rket Foste1's rs unci rl)tedly 01 ''of tlto fastest groVving beer brands 111 th tsed by preose nr):i exact1ng brC\AJirlg spec1facat!Cns and tenner t 1t1Cr rnctt acts AI\Cl~'SIS ur)d tastln

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