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THE MARKET Once the poar

THE MARKET Once the poar cousin to butter. marganne today is a staple in the Australian dret, with over 85% ot Australian households buying margarine at some time dunng the year. Where once the split in market share bet\veen butter and marganne was 75125 rn favour of butter, tOday the Situation 1s air nost reversed and r 10w stands at 72128 in margarine's favour. For 150 years Since It was developed by the French, margarine played second fiddle to butter. It was not until the 1950s. when polyunsaturated rnargannes began to emerge thai marganne became an

~cross I he country. With I he gradual removal of quotas n the late I 970s and rnto the 1 980s, Unilever began to concentrate production of Flora at iewer and iewer srtes in order to maxrm:se productron efficiencies By 111e early 1990s all Flora was berng produced at Unilever's maJOr marganne productron facrlrty in Svdney. Today Flora is a leading brcmd rn Australia, holdrng market leadership rn most states and territories. and runnrng a close Number 2 rn New South Wales and Vrctoria THE PRODUCT Flora today, as 11 has always been, rs based on sunflower orl. Natural sunflower oil provrdes t11e goodness· that rs at the heart ol the brand. The sunflower con tarns botn the essential polyunsaturates and the vitamin E that go nto makrng Flora so specral and also grves the brand rts core eQuity symbol U1e image of the sunflower rtsell Sun !lower oil used n Austrahan Flora comes mostly from Australian sunflowers. grown rn northwest. southern and central NSW and Queensland. In addillon to sunflower oil, Flora also contarns other vegetable oils skim milk, natural colours and flavours, soyabean lecrth n and salt. All rngredrents are churned 1n a chrllrng vessel to produce a smooth creamy spread, before being packed at high speed into the famrlrar piastre tubs. ready for retail sale. However. Rora is more than 1ust a spread. The Flora range is complemented by a range of specralist products. These include Rora Cook ·n' Bake, a liqurd marganne desrgned specifically for cooking convenrence; Flora Herb & Garlrc, a blend of herbs and garlic wrth Flora spread; and pure. ight, Flora Sunflower Oil. Flora rs not only desrgned for use at home. It rs also Unrlever's flagshtp brand rn t11e growrng foodseNrce market. offering chefs and other commercral food preparers t11e same quality and reassurance that Flora gives in the kitchen at horne. RECENT DEVELOPMENTS In the early 1990s. and after many years of research and development. Australian sunflower breeders made a key breakthrough. Tl1eywere able to develop

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