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THE MARKET It IS well known that Australians arc big consumers of media. In thiS interJSely competitive marketplace. the Fa1rfax name stands out. w1th t11ree media superbrands further m1llion pagination system now means amongst 1ts newspaper bus1nesses: l11e Sydney The Sydney Momng Herald, The Australian Rnancial Moming Herald. The Age and The AustrAlian Review and The Age stones are filed and la:d out Rnancial Revtew. electronically and then. 1n the case of the Sydney ll1is 1s a fast changu1g market and in tne last ten based biles, transmlled by m1crowave to state-ofyears alone. the number of special interest maga- the-art producllon facilittes 25 kilometres away. The zines has 1ncreased !rom 139 to 700 - one fully automated colour of Fa1rfax new It tie every week There are another - F..IIIPf..oyME.\'T~ Printers p11nt up to 80,000 copies 700-plus bus1ness publications. !)0 mass ot a 64 page The Sydney Moming market women's and general1nterest magaz1nes. 150 radio stat1ons. 140 suburban newspapers and +1 teleVJsion stations as well as access to a vast amount or Information on tho worldwide web. Amid all this media choice. one of tf1e oldest mass media newspapers - cont1nues to capture the attent1on of 56% of the Australian populat1on. More than 8. 1 million people read a metropolitan newspaper dunng the week W1lh the readership figure ns1ng to 70% when weekend papers are rncluded. On a pa1d circulatron oasis. 5.4 million metropolitan daily newspapers are sold each Monday to Saturday. Another 3.3 millton papers are purchased nat1onally on Sundays. The Fa,rfax Group nevvspapers hold an enviable position at the quality end of ne·,oVSpaper street - representing 25% of not1onal dally metropohlat1 newspaper sales. The Sydney Momrng Herald, The Age and The Australian F1r1ancial Review superbrMds are also becom1ng more t11an newspaper brands. CD ROM products, internet seNices and other media forms are Increasingly being used to complement the claSSIC paper prOduct. ACHIEVEMENTS Since The Sydney Morning Herald was es\iJblished in 1831 and acqu1red n1ne years Inter by fledgling med1a proprietor ,John Fairfax. lh.! company's ot110s has centred around Independent at1(J Investigative renorting. Indeed the company has an internal mission ot 'Information Vl~th Integrity'. The strength of til iS culture 1S demonstrated by tl 10 long hst of awards won by Fairfax journalists through I he decades for outstand1ng coverage and investigation 1111o major political, econom;o and soc1al events which have shaped our society. Throughout 1ts h1story. Fa1rrax has been at the forefront of journalism and technology. In recent times. one or the b1ggest leaps made by the company is its 0 million 1nvost' nent 1n new colour printing plants which now puts it at the forefront 1n newspaper production technology. A OlrLt Q-11bntu 11 ornind ~tralb ~1!€~~ \lJI-~ ~ :l :: ~~~ l' C'! Herald section an hour. HISTORY In the 19th century race to announce the latest news frorn English shores, Herald editors anx1ously awa1ted the s1gna1 for s1ghting oi Sl'lil from Sout11 Head. Immediately, tt1e Herald and its only other rival at tt1e time. The Uberal f., 0 Emp1re, would put the if respective marine reporters to sea in speCially comm1ssioned whole bOats to meet the approaching vessel oulsl(1e Sydney Heads and be first aboard. After the uwepid jou1 nalists had scouted for news the boats would again hastily depart lor South Head where news and mail were handed to a hCYSernan who would nde like the wind back to the city office. Tile arrival of capable of reprOducing photographs ar1d engrav1ng was in use This was a major technological step forward. Then an editorial milestone was passed When the redoubtable Column 8, under tt1e d1rection of Syd Deamer, first appeared on January 11 . 194 7 1n The Sydney Morning Herald. Today Column 8 still holds a very speCial place in the lives ot Sydney Moming Herald readers. The 1950s saw Fairfax beg1n a series of acqu1sitions starting with The Austral:an Rnancial Review and the purChase ar1d merger ot two Sunday papers, Tr1e Sunday Sun and Sunday Herald, to oecome The Sun-Herald. By 1963. the weekly Australian Rnano,al Review had transformed 1nto a daily issue. Three years later, F a1rtox purchased a controlling share 1n David Syme. publisher of Melbourne's The Age Dunng the 1980s, Fairfax divested its interests 111 telev1S1on radio and 1\s rnass market rnagaz1nes while 1n 1985 Fairfax launched the highly successful Gooo Weekend magaz1nes 1n The Age and The Sydney Mo1 ning Herald In 1989, Australia's only Sunday broadsheet. The Sunday Age, was launched. The early 1990s saw the ex1l of the Fa1rfax lamily interests in the group and the public float of the comf)

of d11ly reporting on local ctl'd Jntern,1hona UIISI ness. econorn1c uno pol Ilea ssues ms beceme an essentm bus1ness tool :1ncl nlon1ar on source 101 Austral :m IJrofess,onnls. S nee er tenno :nc Fn rtax stat1le n · 9~)3 Tt1e Austral an Fnlil'lCJal Rev1ew h:1s been se1!1ng the agenda to· t)lJ

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