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THE MARKET Soap products

THE MARKET Soap products 1n Av~stral a hnve trnd1tionaily been 1n bnr form nnd that category IS still by far the largest It accounts ror 4 million of the 75 rn Ilion spent hy consumers on personal cleansu~J prcdu~ts W1ih1n the I.J

same period was more than mill1on dollars at reta11 pnces THE PRODUCT When f1rsl produced and for many years afterward Imperial Leather was only made in the famous 1vory colour. TI11s and the famous fragrance tnat ap· pealed to both sexes gave the brand a 'masculine skew· 1n 1ts brand personality. The combination of lom1ula 'hardness', colou1 and fragrance gave the product a level ol stlecr class that has never been en1oyeo by any other brand 1n the soap markets of the world Opening a pacl< of Imperial Leather has been descnbed as 'like ge!t1ng 1nto a new car for the first time·. The 1vory soap rema1ns by far the b1ggest seller today. II was joined by a p1nk vannnt 111 the early eight1es and a white bar 111 1 994 A second white bar 8111ved with the comb1 extra sk1n care formula of 1996 On all variants. tt1e lmpenal Leather label rema1ns a vital element providing not only the brand's 1mpnmatur of quahty but a practical component that extends even lurther the product's natural formula based ability to last longer than compelltM~ brands. RECENT DEVELOPMENTS Imperia Leather has been extended 1nto liquid llodywashes and sk1n care cleansing bars via the 'Extra Care sub-brand in August 1996. Both products are clearly pOSitiOned to1 female use under a mo1sturising propos1tion. This has effectively broadened the brand's appeal to a younger user prot1te and has en hanced the brand's tem1n1ne values. The bodywnsh product has been supported w1th a televiSIOn commerc1al that builds on the brand's core value of affordable luxury 111 a very pampering, femn1ne way. The core soap brand presentation IS currently be1ng upgraded with new pack graphics incorpo­ ' ating a new brand logo. The 001ective is to keep the 'lleart' Of ttle brand healt11Y by g1Vtng the brand a lresher and more contemporary presentation. PROMOTION In the early days when 1m penal Leather was confined to pharmacy dlstril?ution advertising was hm1ted to women's magazines' colour pages The Illustrations were generally of mother and daughter over a headline such as ·For you wt1o care and the family you care for'. Most advertis1ng stayed w1th mothers and daughters to temper the known masculine 'skew' of t11e brand image 1n a rnar'ket dom1nated by fem

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