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ClubMed· THE MARKET In a holiday market dom1nated by cut -throat pnce promotions and fierce competition 1l1s increasingly d1ff1cult to please the consumer Once, not long ogo, the wor1d was bg and lull of unknown corners. Today thanks largely to media exposure, the worid has shrunk and its most u1bmate, exotic and exclusive spots have become familiar to all of us. Consumers, geanng up tor the next millennium, ins1st upon value for money. noo experiences. beautiful surroundings. good foocl.ln snort, they demand a Quality escape from everyday life. At the same time. social and demographic changes play an Increasingly 1mportant role 1n the type of holiday consumers choose and the level of service they demand For example the number of single parents and lone travellers is growing, as is the number of affluent mature travellers. fhee is also a grow1ng trend towards tate book1ng Only those companies able to adapt the1r mDrketing, products and destinations will survive anct flounsh 1n th1s envirooment. ACHIEVEMENTS Club Med is the only truly global organisation of its k1nd It is dedicated to g1ving people a ct1ance to escape t11e pressures of everyday liie by taking them to ca1etully maintained Utop1an communities. in which people and Interaction are the most important elements. Club Med's uniQue philoso· phy makes it much more than 1ust another tour operator or hotel organisation. II gives its mem· bers and its customers are all ·members' · a chance to recharge their battenes and to start liVIng aga1n. Club Med 1s the onginal. the largest nnd most ccmprehenstve of the world's allinclusive holiday organ1sahons. In 1996 Club Med ranked as the world's 13th largest hotel chain. and employed over 25,000 people worldwide. Of these 9000, from d1fferent nat1onalit1es, work as GOs · hosts · 1n the Club Med v111age resorts. In 1996, Club Med organised holidays for over 1 .325,300 people of whom ove1 250,000 were chtldren Club Med is the world's largest and most cosmopolitan club n t11e world. As long ago as 1 994 , Club Med welcomed its 20 rnill1onth member. HISTORY Tne Club Med concept was bom 1n 1950 when Belgian diamond cutter, water polo champion and ex-resistance fighte Gerard Blitz advertised the first all-Inclusive t1ohdays. The response was overwhelming and marked the beginning of Club Med1terranee. The very first VIllage consisted of a number of am1y surplus tents. supplied by the Tngano famly, 1n Alcudia, on the Balearic Island of Mallorca. The f1rst of Club Mad's famous straw liut villages opened 1n 1954 on the island ol Corfu Altt10ugh Blitz had the idea. 1 was Gilbert Tngano who had the VISion. bus1ness sense and dnve to develop the company over the following 40 years untillliS retirement in 1 gg4. THE PRODUCT The Club Med product has grown up w1th its members. Much loved elements like bar beads and straw huts are still around, but nowadays they exist alongside smartcards, luxury accommodation, cruise ships, and well aopointe

fa'11Cus GOs, or hosts ... ho comm1tn ent ot these very spe0 Mcxl's 9000 GO$ ·orm a te.1m ot mu 11·1 no tnl, n1u tH,l entod and mu IH1Clllonal hosts ana hoStE'-'>-'**l who are respons1t1ie for every,tung tna: haooens n tne vd~1ge, 11om 'ood to acconlrrlOd·J'IOn, from sp:Jrts to enterta1rllren:. ·rem 110pp ness ·o hactt•tl The GOs oartte ~le SDorts n \Sin IC· :ors by d. tv. t 1t~e cornp..11 IOf\S nt rnea t rnes nno ent

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