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NEL THE MARKET True haute couture- exquistte. made-to-measure and h1ghly exclusive fashion - can only be found 111 Paris. Yet, as long as luxury perfume, Jewellery and fashion items are treasured as the perfect gifts. the tnfluence of the great designer houses will cont1nue to be felt far beyond France. For that touch of exclustvily and quality, prem1um skincare and make-up products are 1n big demand - that's evidenced by u~eir Australian market value. in 1995, of 2.3 m1lhon. In the same yoar. the Australian luxury ladies' frngrance market alone was worth 0.4 million. with the men's lrngrance market valued at .2 million. A cntical factor is exclusivity. For sheer class, a luxury watch IS unbeatable, but I he rrl

a, rnterost wh!CI spilltXJ over .nto her desrgns In 192 • , wrth the t:11entet1 per turner, Ernest Ben.Jx, Coco (lev sed ·1 new scent. the evocn; ve CHANEL No.5. Ch:me opened ltl> for busrness rn Po 1 !l as ntormrdal>le wornan ami ttle toremos: couturrer oilier nge, was gau rng g'OllflO The !mulCh of the Ct~anel r 'lie t)tnck aress •n 1926 setC perfume bott.e stoooor; Mademotsel e 1s a perfect square, and Ma~elassee, Wllh rts quilt eo lace. re nterprets :he sttch:ng on the famous handbags. Mos1 recently, a collectcn or trne jewellery has been createo as a natura cxter1Sl0n of the ccmpany's luxury P'OdlJCts and ref.ects Chaners love of Jfl\'\'9 erv wrtt1 nnov;:urve designs. In September 1996, CHANEL launched a new fragrance, .AJiure. PROMOTION Huge press and consumer attentron is given to CHANEL's fashion shows. where sorne of the most beautrful women in tt1e world today model CHANEL's latest collechons To support this, the !ashton hOuse t1as pursued an effect•ve advert•su1g camPJign, reaHirm•ng the basic classic values and beauty of tt1e CHANEL brand. Jacques Hollou. artrshc director at CHANEL descnbes these dc1ssic vali.ICS as: 'Perfect lines caotrvat ng shapes. F ms designee to convey eternal truths 1n the space of sixty seconos·. A success10n of larllO\Jsly beaut fLd laces h..'l\le been used 10 capture lhe CHANEL egerd, rncludlng the Frerch a~tress Garde Eh.quet and a1e legendaJy Ho lyl.\-ood f m star Mar 1yn lvlonroe BRAND VALUES Coco Chane! once said. 'When I startea work 1, the protess•on my ambrlton was not to create things I Irked but to stop !he fashron for thrngs I drdr''t like". The result was luxunous srm~J i rCity, quahly of destgn and manufacture. disctphne, and timelessness. Thts has been recognise

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