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THE MARKET TelereYPrr1un•c 1ttor s ts cne 0t :he rnost dynamic markets tn thP wo• d. mK1ttiS espcc ally dvnamtc n A JSttata Until the ear • 1900s a Gove~ rnent col'trolled rrx:ncnoty I'IE!kl ':>"'A'eeomng ncre."lsingly sophtsttcated i'lf ld corr'olox. Wtt I technology chat ·gtng evervtt' ng from thevvay l,l,llake nl(lbl e cats to thevll

300 t·ooole er ~nloyed t)J' Optus; 111 1997 tt1ere V..tfYe r>Vef 7(1)0 THE PRODUCT 01 JS ~s r "~vv ')0 I the ~vcrc'fs lead r KJ telecommu•'lJCatiOns companieS 1·s allrance wth Its maw. snareholders means th.:lt •t gets 'he very best techniC."''I suopcr1 and 111e Vll!\' cost :echnclogv '1om ox~ )(;ItS nrountJ tile ~vcr:d Ootus' rango ot tclcnhony ' pmducts lnciLJO\'!S rnol1ile telepnonv dncj nn'1011a clrlds 1m 1 " , rnm.trr •'lt t I e at lne tcre'r nt Ol OaRS, tYCX1UClS Clllc1 seMces which benel t thorr custcmers. A recent exarr:oe of tl 1S 1s tile OphtS Tn e· pron lOt Oil Tnrs of1er mearJt :h,l' a cus:orner could nng a dcsrgnated c..o1 wtry nnd ta ~ ror as long as they I ked, 101 up to 1\W lui d'rt" ·~I •r tn ty 1n·egrated b•and•ng at every level ot :ho cornmw 1Catron cycle. Ootus wants customers nno potent tal customers to be enterta ned and rewd to hwnngue or 11arass Recent advcr1•Su1g for Optus featured a small chrld as a symbol fot the young Optus. and lhrs little l)oy 1s shOwn us1ng ptasuc bulldtng blocks to bu1ld for t1 msol! t1 complete telecornrnun1Ca lions network. Wrth ench new toy t1e rnn~es another oa't ol tne Ootus bustness s revealed. trornloca phone coils, tnrough to the satell.te dish whrch recerves oig1tul transm ss1ons trom space In the hn.11 scene tnc boy puts the nst orece ot the Optus bus1ness nto place. as he floats •n space near a grant Optus ~ate hte. burt out ol butloing bloc-

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