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Australia Edition 1

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THE MARKET The Australian sp1rit market has steadily grown at a modest rate over the past 1 0 years. This counters the decline 111 beer and wine per cap1ta consumption. More than ever. consumers have a huge array of cho1ce with consumer trends causing different sp1rit categories to become more or less popular. Throughout it all Bundaberg Rum has remained the most popular Australian spint with one 1n every ten SPirits consumed today be1ng a Bunoaberg RltrYl. In a mart

ents and the hne craftsmanshiP used tn tho disttlltng process. Only the ftnest quality sugar cane. grown in Queensland's nch and volcanic soil. is used to give BundolJcrg Rum its unique flavour. Matu1ed 1n Amencan whtte oak vats for be tv..~Wn two to t11ree years. the taste and aroma are regularly checked to ensure that 111ey are develop· tng ·o orod.;ce a quality n;m worthy ol the Bund8berg narre Tne r chly flavoured and full bodied rum, is as fa•nous throughout Australia as t11e trademarked polar bear on the Bundaberg Rum bottle. So popular ts 11 throughout lhe country, that many people oroudly refer to it as the ·sp1nt of Australia.' At the numerous B & S (Bachelor & Sprnster) Balls 8ttended by tl

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