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THE MARKET Plastic money

THE MARKET Plastic money in the torr n ot debit. creort card or charge cards - is fast replacing hard cash as a means of payment. In Australia, the plasbc card market rs dynamicand compeht1vc, w1th prastic spend ris ng by 21% In 1996 to neody billion. In 1996

Express m;,naged to reunrte tC~milies, help travellers trace long-lost I>Hggage, and secure n safe exrt for thousands ot people In 1915 the Manchester Guardian cluot:OO ,t 'TI1e Romanuc Company· for the way 11 ~,huttted messages between pnsoners of Wflr nnd lt,err t8milies After the wm, American Express extended its travel orgams

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