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BONDS® THE MARKET In Austrailtl as tM'rywlle'e elso tt1e world over. the cloth ng 1ncJustry c;1n t1e flck 1 e. Brands els wax

In 1945 Bonds acqu1red the Commonweallh Weavmg Mills and dunng the 1950s and 1960s went on to develop new products such as men's woollen socks, ladies underwenr and sleepwear. Among other products first manufactured 1n this penod were household names like Cottontails and the Bonds Wondersu1t. Other familiar Bonds brand names are Grand Slam, Pengu1n and Gotcha After a merger vv;lh Coats Paton of the UK 1n 1970, Bonds was taken over by Pacific Dunlop in 1987. Coats Paton was sold back to the UK, and this left Bonds as a wholly owned subsid1ary of Pac1l c Dunlop, and. once again. an Australian comoany The 1990s 11as seen a consolidation of manufactunng and d1stnbution operations. and majOr 1nvestmenttn new technology, especially for the Bonds knitting and dye1ng opetauon. THE PRODUCT Bonds makes basic essent1al clothtng 1n certain well def1ned categones for Australians of all ages The company concentrates on babyvvear. men·s and women's underwear, and leisurev

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