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THE MARKET From 1ts earliest days, Australia has been seen as the land of opportunity. For many, owntng a home tS the defintng symbol of h

pre:nneti'lry hrnr:ed com~':my on 3 November 19-17 Alter waor share n :he late 1 940s to 11nance !Tk1SS"-e exp,~"\nSron, Albert Jem ngs h mse 1 coo sed oeu~ the sole C'w\'Tl6f, tholr.J"l he conlf'U.-'>() to ru•11'1e companv TI'le Inn went publrc n 1950 A·ter some drlf c r t yea'S rn the earlv 1950s, urouglll Clbolrl by ar'l abrupt rn government pohcy a"ld an eco· nomrc downturn, AVJennings refocused on deve oprng prrvate hot.srng estates. By the enrly 1960s the compnny was operntrng successfully every· where rn At rstralrn. except the Nortl1ern Terrrtory. During the 1 970s the com· par.y grew to be onr- ot tl)e largest construction firms 11 Austre~lrn, Cl raft of rnaror subsidrar· res It won ,1 ser es of lnrge contracts from state ana federal governments. pflrttculnrlv for schools, hosprta s nnd publ•c llousing. nnd Md rnterests 1n rnrr rng nnd ev~?n lnrmng A bert Jennrngs had been kr 19~1teo rn 1968. tt)oug'l he rns sted that anyone who Cr •y sha1 et1o arng. h 1995 AV Jenn1ngs wr~s merged ~\rth :he oubl c y I sted Long Homes

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